Apartments and Villas walking distance to Portillo beach - Las Terrenas

El Portillo, Samaná

  • FromUS$ 129,000
  • ToUS$ 795,000
  • 1012 Code
  • Apartamentos Property type
  • Las Terrenas City
  • El Portillo Sector
  • From 1 To 3Rooms
  • From 1 To 3Bathrooms
  • From 1 To 2Parking spots
  • Under ConstructionStatus
  • 09-2024 Delivery Date

Exclusive complex in one of Las Terrenas most amazing beaches.

This new development has villas and apartments of 1,2 & 3 bedrooms and will be in Portillo beach in Samaná, one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the Dominican Republic north coast. This area is well known for their peaceful, transparent, and virgin beaches, nature all sounding and amazing landscape. You will feel like you are truly living in paradise in a vibrant community.  


This project is completely unique, it is an oasis created so that those who live there have all the amenities to enjoy and disconnect from the outside world. This complex is designed so that the connection with nature predominates, it has a clubhouse, a large sports area, an Olympic pool, a concert area, a spa, a convention center, supermarkets, a shopping area, and more.


 Delivery date: July 2024 - March 2025

The inventory is very reduced, cause this is a very demanded area for retreat.


We have available 5 types of properties in this project:

  • Building Z - Apartments 2, 3 rooms
  • Building L - Apartments 2, 3 rooms
  • Building BD - Apartments 1 rooms and suites
  • Villas,Townhouses - 2,3,4 rooms
    Islands Villas


Each building has a different floor plan distribution

All of the units are FURNISHED, some of them with a golf cart included in the price. 

Concept of the development: 


This project has 135,000 m2 of freshwater pool will allow tourists to let their eyes wander over an area of about 2kms from a pier over the water, you can access the island through a pedestrian bridge or
with a typical boat of the area, with their beautiful bright colors. 


At the end of the bridge, an immense square will open surrounded by buildings that resemble the colonial architecture of the Caribbean, and where, on the first floors, under the arches,you will find
shops, bars, restaurants to enjoy a dinner or even have a simple coffee sitting in the shade of the houses or walking through the streets of the center. 


In addition to being the most innovative and exclusive project in the area is eco friendly, sound friendly, with the largest pool, while employ around 2500 people directly and around 5,000 indirectly, contributing significantly to improve the socioeconomic condition of the entire area. 



  • Access to the beach , EL PORTILLO
  • Beach Club
  • Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • BoatTrips
  • Exhibitionof handmade local products 
  • Movie theater
  • Spa
  • Museum
  • Project self-renewable energy  

Payment plan:

  • Reserve with US$3,000
  • 15%Initial payment 20-30 days later with contract
  • 35% during construction on monthly no interest installments
  • 50% with unit delivery

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NameLvl.Rm.Bth.1/2 Bth.P-Lot.Terrace Price
  • 2 Elevadores
  • Cancha de Basket Ball
  • Cancha de Tenis
  • Casa Club
  • Lago Artificial
  • Piscina
  • Piscina para niños
  • Spa
  • Supermercados

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Broker / Owner

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